Re:Invent 2021 - Partner Keynote

Brett Gillett

In a nutshell, if you’re a small AWS partner, there’s not much of genuine interest here - AWS continues to focus on helping large partners get larger.

Also, the stream died about three-quarters of the way through, so this isn’t a complete review. I’ll update the post with any additional highlights once AWS publishes the entire keynote.

The most exciting part of the partner keynote was the announcement of Partner Paths. The details were thin, but you can read more in the launch post. AWS has also scheduled webinars to help partners with the new program. Partner Paths feels similar to APN Navigate, but I’ll wait for the webinars for more information.

The market opportunity here is massive. You don’t need much of that opportunity to run a successful practice. But you do need a way to differentiate yourself, and that’s tough.

At an AWS Canada event, someone from AWS said - what’s your superpower? Experience is essential. With over 200 services and more coming all the time, it’s impossible to cover everything. Find the space where you can outshine everyone else and just run with it. Define your superpower.

It’s incredible to see how much the AWS Marketplace has evolved over the years.

If you’re building (or supporting) solutions on the AWS platform, then the Well-Architected Framework should be on your reading list. Lens are extensions of the framework and provide guidance on specific solutions types - think Machine Learning, gaming, etc. In addition, AWS recently added the Management and Governance Lens, and you should add it to your reading list.

That’s it for now. I’ll update the post once I find the video on demand.

Brett Gillett


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