The Canadian Press

Building a scalable, cost-effective election news feed with CloudFormation and Aurora

About The Canadian Press

Founded in 1917, The Canadian Press is Canada's independent news agency. More than 180 journalists provide real-time, bilingual multimedia stories across a diverse number of platforms.

The Challenge

The team at The Canadian Press provides real-time data to news organizations across Canada during both provincial and federal elections. While their original solution was sufficient, they wanted to better leverage the dynamic nature of the AWS platform to create environments on-demand and deploy development and testing environments only when required to help drive cost savings in the environment. Additionally, they wanted to lower the administration overhead by leveraging serverless solutions wherever possible.

The Solution

Working with the development team, Curious Orbit helped transition the elections platform from the Relational Database Service (RDS) running the MySQL engine to Amazon Aurora.

"News outlets across the country rely on The Canadian Press for live election results and with Curious Orbit’s help, serving millions of user requests this year for two major provincial elections was smooth sailing. Their solution gave us confidence, boosted our performance and kept costs under control."

Andrew Lundy

The Benefits

Rapid Deployment

By using CloudFormation, Canadian Press is able to deploy the solution whenever needed.


Using Autoscaling and Aurora means that The Canadian Press can handle any election by scaling the solutoin based on demand.

Simplified Management

By updating the CloudFormation templates the team is able to evolve the solution as technology changes.

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