Toyota Canada

Streamlined Service deployment with AWS CloudFormation and GitLab

There are many reasons why customers decide to leverage Amazon Web Services for their business. Some may want to avoid hardware refreshes, while others want to focus on the tasks that differentiate their business from their competitors. One reason which seems to resonate with all customers is that they need to get their products and services to market faster then they have in the past.

Recently, Toyota Canada asked us to help them deploy their first solution on Amazon Web Services.

The Challenge

Moving from another platform and having tight deadlines meant Toyota needed a solution which allowed them to get up and running quickly, had the flexibility to grow over time, and also maintain control over changes.

The Solution

Curious Orbit worked with Toyota Canada to translate their current deployment into several small, easy to maintain CloudFormation templates which meant we could quickly deploy infrastructure and services across several AWS accounts and different environments.

We deployed GitLab on the AWS platform and configured several pipelines so when CloudFormation templates were committed to the centralized repository, they are automatically validated and staged via CloudFormation change sets. Another member of the team confirms the proposed changes and then executes the changes.

The Outcome

By using GitLab and AWS CloudFormation, we were able to deploy a solution which removes much of the manual configuration of AWS services while maintaining change control. By introducing automation, the customer can quickly make changes to the environment while still ensuring they validate changes before deploying.