Application Modernization

Leverage AWS native services to reduce costs and improve time to market

By leveraging AWS services, you can dramatically reduce your monthly costs and your time to market.

It can be costly and challenging to update old code in applications you've had running for a while, and this can delay delivery to customers - why not improve the value of your cloud environment through Application Modernization?

The approach to modernizing applications is broad, involving DevOps toolchain enablement, platform engineering, and delivery transformation. Working with our expert AWS DevOps team to migrate to infrastructure-as-code, the modernization of your apps means your maintenance costs will be reduced, your developers will be empowered, and your customers will get the features they need at an accelerated pace.

Would you like to remove licensing costs from your AWS deployment?

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Reduce Licensing Costs
Moving from licensed to open-source solutions can dramatically lower your monthly AWS bill. We'll analyze your current deployment and provide insight on opportunities to shift to cloud-native services.
Pay only for what you use
By leveraging AWS native services, you're able to shift your solutions to an actual 'opex' model - no more paying for idle services. We'll work with your team to identify where native services make sense for your solution.
Reduce time to market
Refocus your team on what matters - building great solutions for your customers by leveraging AWS native services. We'll assess your current solution and identity opportunities where it makes sense to leverage AWS solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the assessment process?
This will depend on your specific solution, but in general the process will take 2-4 weeks to complete.
How do I know if our organization is a good fit for the assessment service?
Our offering is designed for small-to-medium sized organizations who are either considering moving to AWS or are already running on the AWS platform. If you're concerned about cost, or want to reduce how long it takes to respond to changes in the marketplace, then this solution is for you.
Where do you most often find cost savings opportunities during the assessment?
Most often we're able to identity licensed software (Operating Systems, and Database solutions) which are great targets for modernization.
Can you provide examples of AWS native solutions which may help us deliver solutions faster?

We look for AWS-managed solutions that are a good fit for your current deployment.

We may suggest using a managed (Relational Database Service) open-source database like Aurora or removing a self-managed application - like a mail server - with the Simple Email Service (SES). We'll also look for opportunities to use open-source Operating Systems where it makes sense.

With 165 services, the possibilities are endless. During the assessment process we'll work with your team to identify good candidates for modernization.

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