AWS Account Audit

Ensuring Account and Data Security through Best Practice Review

Leveraging guidance developed by Amazon Web Services and independent organizations, and through our experience in helping hundreds of companies deploy solutions on the AWS platform, our AWS Audit Service is designed to identify opportunities to improve the security of your AWS environment.

One of the most significant benefits associated with a Public Cloud Provider like AWS is it allows your teams to do more in a shorter period by utilizing a software-based platform. The dynamic, flexible nature of AWS means you can deploy solutions faster which can result in a reduction in the time it takes to get your products or services to market.

While this new found speed is excellent, sometimes it can lead to a less than solid security foundation for your AWS deployment. We often find core services like Identity and Access Management (IAM) or the Simple Storage Service (S3) set up in such a way to leave your AWS deployment vulnerable to abuse. Knowing the potential security risks in your AWS account is paramount.

Our AWS Audit program provides a deep-dive assessment of your account and helps to ensure your AWS environment is set up according to best practices. With over ninety checks, you’ll have a complete understanding of where you stand across many of the pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, as well as a remediation plan to help prioritize items that require work.

Audit Report

AWS Account Audit Sample
Upon completion of the AWS Account Audit, you’ll receive a detailed report of each item audited, as well as insight into possible methods of remediation.

Action Items by Priority and AWS Service

Throughout the Audit Report, we’ll provide you with visualizations which allow you to identify the highest priority items as well as specific AWS services which may require attention.

AWS Account Audit - Priority

AWS Account Audit - Service

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