AWS Managed Support

Fully Managed AWS at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself

As the demand for AWS continues to skyrocket, smaller organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to find and retain the talent they need to be successful on the AWS Platform.

At Curious Orbit, we’ve developed an entirely Managed AWS offering which we believe allows you to get the benefits of AWS at a fraction of the cost associated with finding the right talent.

Our Managed AWS offering solutions provide all the benefits of the Support offering, including: - Account Insight - Access to a centralized CloudFormation repository - Access to a centralized Amazon Machine Image (AMI) repository - Support via Slack, Email and Video Chat - Guaranteed Response Time

With the follow additions:

Monitoring and Notification

Using built-in CloudWatch monitoring, we’ll design and implement a system to monitor core AWS services and provide notifications when something isn’t right.

Automated Backup and Patching

Using AWS native tools, we’ll set up a backup and patching system based on your specific requirements and monitor it for problems.

Infrastructure Management

Using our CloudFormation repository, we’ll deploy and manage AWS services on your behalf.

Application Performance Monitoring

Do you need more than native CloudWatch monitoring? No problem, we can help implement and configure DataDog in your AWS account.

Log Monitoring

Capturing and analyzing logging information is a vital component of any solution - AWS, or otherwise. We’ll set up VPC Flow Logs, CloudTrail, AWS Config and CloudWatch Log events in your AWS account and monitor them using SumoLogic.

NOTE: There are additional costs associated with the deploy of both APM and Log Monitoring.

Need your team to move faster? We can help with AWS support services.

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