AWS Training

Helping your team accelerate their AWS learning

Getting technical teams up to speed on how to use the growing list of services available on the AWS Platform is one of the most significant challenges facing organizations who are just starting their AWS journey.

The team at Curious Orbit has helped hundreds of organizations. We’ll help you navigate the AWS platform and build solutions your customers love.

Our training offerings target the areas where organizations commonly struggle the most.


Scheduling can be challenging, so we’ve got options for you. Our ‘Workshop’ series are hands-on deep dives into AWS delivered on-site. We also have ‘Crash Course’ offerings which are two hours each and are delivered remotely via Amazon Chime.

Workshops (2 days)

AWS Foundations

We dive into the core AWS Services - Compute, Storage, Database, and Networking. We’ll cover architectural, cost-optimization and security best practices all while building a public-facing website.

Infrastructure as Code with AWS CloudFormation

Deploying and maintaining solutions using code is a core best-practice associated with deploying, and configuring services on the AWS Platform. In this workshop, students will build and deploy CloudFormation templates to provision and configure several core AWS services.

Crash Courses (2 hours)

CloudFormation 101

Learn how to leverage Infrastructure as Code on the AWS Platform through a series of live coding demonstrations.

Containers 101

Interested in leveraging containers? In this course, we’ll show you how to get started using Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Elastic Container Registry (ECR).

Serverless 101

Want to start leveraging Serverless solutions, but not sure where you should start? We’ll demonstrate how to use simple Lambda funtions as well as other Serverless options on the AWS Platform.

Building your First CI/CD Pipeline

Looking to get your product (or service) to market faster? In this course, we’ll create a simple CI/CD pipeline using several AWS services.