Automatically remediate security misconfigurations in AWS

Reduce risk and improve compliance with OrbitGUARD

Improve the security of your AWS accounts by leveraging our pre-built security guard rails.

Improve your compliance and provide peace of mind to your business users. OrbitGUARD monitors and automatically remediates common security misconfigurations in your AWS environment.

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Guard Rails
Pre-built checks ensure your AWS accounts adhere to best practices and continuously enforce those standards.
Why wait for a human to fix a security issue when we can automate it? All changes are stored in persistent storage for reporting.
In situations where automated remediation is not possible, we'll notify your team via Slack.

Security GuardRails

Built-in security checks that you can deploy right now

Policy Category Example Policy
Security Groups Remove vulnerable ports, Close open ports, Delete stale groups
Identity and Access Management (IAM) Disable old access keys, remove unused policies and roles, notify when new resources are created
Simple Storage Service (S3) Report on public buckets, monitor bucket configuration

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